Eyes lit, heart ablaze, heat spreading

the world doesn’t know the path that I’m treading.

A verbal salvo of spiritual ammo lights up

as I unleash the Word to the Devil, fight’s up.

A battleground between heaven and hell

all false illusions and teachers to dispel.

I’m a sinner, but with Christ, I’m a winner

He even asked to join a tax collector for dinner.

Despite my sins, He was faithful to redeem

and He saved me with what was sure to seem

like myriad troubles and demons on my mind

blocking out the vision, leaving my soul fully blind

But now I grind as I rhyme for my Savior

thinking of lyrics for my bros to savor, He adds flavor

to my life, shining from within

cleansing me of all the guilt and sin.

My head spins as I take a moment to consider

all the times my heart was made cold and bitter.

Yet His presence guarded me from fell angels

Providing me with sight from His holy angles.

So I saw an alternative to committing suicide

because in His arms I could always abide.

The Devil got nothing on you when you have the Lord

so keep running your path to end up with the reward.

A treasure in heaven of abounding measure

that fills your heart with more than pleasure.

This dreary life may soon be a banality

but stay true to Christ’s sense of spiritual morality

ending Satan’s dread strokes with a swift finality

leaving him in this world as the lone fatality.

So now the bars heat up as the passion ascends,

The means do not always justify the ends.

A heatwave is good if it’s for your spirit

So this is the message, I need you to hear it.

Unleash the Christ within, let Him shine in your life

taking away the pain, the cares, the strife.

No need for a dagger or a knife

‘Cause Christ has already won the fight.

Letting you soar to the sun like a summer kite.

Spirit blazing, soul pounding, heart racing

a man stands alone as he stops pacing.

He discovers His Word and joy fills his heart

as he goes back to his room to perfect his art.

It was not a worldly romance that he needed to complete

but it was the spiritual race in which he came to compete.

Finding his way, he infuses the Trinity

into his piece and it’ll last ’til infinity.

A final reminder to encourage the brethren

stay true to the walk and live to be a veteran

God has so many mysteries to disclose

and simple faith is all He does propose

In order for His children to understand His plan

for in the end, He is God who became a man

that we might be saved by His mighty hand.

No more punishment to bear on our shoulders;

light the fire within, for the embers, they smolder.


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