Two to Tango.

The music plays softly in the background as the pair walk on the floor,

Both a bit nervous, both ready to run out the nearest door.


After all, what did they know about the wonders of life?

They did not realize how difficult it could be, how strange it was

How incomprehensible was the strife.


But they were bold and daring, and looked ahead

Not worrying about the score, the judges,

the crowd’s reaction, the competition, nor the

money to earn their daily bread.


And so hand in hand, they glided together

Minds free of mistakes and frustration

Free of the hard work and tears and sweat

The soul, the heart, the mind

and the other little things that they had to weather.


She starts with a barrida, sweeping him close

symbolically unified and physically united

one motion, one sweep, the legs staying together

He counters with a caida, falling back to support

her strong movements and her passionate sweeps

supporting her whenever she needed it most.


The two do the cangrejo, and sideways stride

the crab, and what a hard shell it was

to penetrate through and learn what was within

to understand her movements and her ideas

and to reason with his responses and reactions

was what led to the final movement:

a close canyengue filled with mutual pride.


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