Not I.

As each day grows nearer to its timely end,

I recollect memories with each loyal friend.

Laughs that have been shared over work being done,

Studying for big tests but still having some fun.

My best friends are always first and last in my mind

as I wonder how it was possible to find

Such amazing, wonderful, lovable people

Who make me wonder about the sequel.

Will the tale of our friendship be extinct by June’s coming?

Or will our friendship be past college still running?

Will they still treat me the same after growing so much?

Or will we be so busy that we won’t even be in touch?

Melancholy floods this gentle heart of mine

for I long to elongate those few times divine

Where Time stopped running, and paused just to see

all that our friendship could possibly be.

The great times immortal, frozen in amber

Our hearts aglow with radiant candor.

No matter what happens, one thing I will do:

pray for my friends who will always be true.

Of myself, I cannot provide any help at all

for I know not what in college may befall.

But prayers for you friends who reside in my heart,

Magnifying my soul and clarifying my art.

Though with some of you my heartstrings are frayed

Others resound like harp strings when played.

God has been merciful to have led me to you

For without my friends, I scarcely know what to do.

In closing, I will attempt to be brief and sincere

and release the words which I would long to hear.

Despite your shortcomings, despite your own fears,

despite being selfish or maybe insecure,

You have a Friend who constantly moves,

One who faithful and consistently proves

His mighty love by covering you with His hand.

I speak not of myself, for I am just a man

but of Him who lives through the fast passing days.

I speak of God who will, for me, protect you always.