It’s been a long journey, but the road twists on ahead

My mind is fairly tired from all the stories that I’ve read.

And through this travail, many troubles I have met.

But none have ever truly my lonesome path set.

While I am young, still in vigor, and brave at heart

I’ll still infuse my words with all the passion of my art.

Yet dark shadows come under a waning sun

Wondering if the battles I’ve fought were ever won.

I despaired then; I thought you loved me not

Saw not my struggles nor the demons that I fought.

How blinded was I under that nocturnal shade!

Not seeing the attempts of conciliation made.

Forgive me now, both friends and parents too,

for the apologies that I’ve said are between far and few.

Adieu, adieu, my arrogance I cast away

For all I expected was an apology’s delay.

Yet it was I at fault all along; my vision clouded, dim

Deaf ears turned upon each resounding hymn

Sung to me, to try and bring some sense in me

I laughed at this, thinking only of that apology.

How foolish I am, how bitter my thoughts

Now, tail between legs, as the lone wolf now trots.

Forgive me, for my expectations were wrong

and now I am sitting here writing this song.

A song of melancholy, depression, and hope

As I hang onto that last inch of rope.

I thought it was your expectations I feared

but how I saw clearly as my last hour neared

that it was my fault and ’twas mine alone

for bitterness and rage did I choose to enthrone.

Within this beating heart, this mortal composition

A mind bleeding poetry is its opposition.

At least it clears the rhythm, the beat

Cooling my head of all of my heat.

The inferno raged within; the blizzard blew out

Hot was my temper and piercing cold my doubt.

Expectations are expected, it’s what we do alive

but hearing forgiveness does make this heart thrive.

I’m sorry that I’ve brought you shame

that I’ve dishonored the family name,

But do forgive me one more time and see

that bright will be my destiny.


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