Despite my shortcomings and each bitter defeat,

your constant beseeching on endless repeat,

despite my laziness and lack of volition

and your public and private morale demolition,

I am not lost as it might seem to me and to you.

Seems, madam? Nay, it is; I know what to do.

What we see may become “seems” if motive lacks

and what seems will be so if our resolve suddenly cracks.

So, perception is a mysterious prism to my very own thought,

Bending the “light” onto havoc I’ve wrought.

Yet my perception and yours, though separate but the same

Are of varying depths and are “perceptions” only in name.

As for myself, I know not what I see

Or if I do, I wished it would not be.

But for yourself, who can know your mind?

Sometimes your anger does make you so blind

to the words you speak of cruel effect

until they render in me a disparaging defect.

What pressure is upon me, all the weight in the world

By each progression from your mouth that is hurled.

Perception is but a fancy of the mind

For vision is perfect when looking behind.

We are not seers, nor mystics, nor prophets for sure

Yet we are rooted in perceptions we conjure.

If vision be poor, our perceptions are rotted

For if there is no goal, less time is allotted.

So this puzzling dilemma comes through,

What are you seeing that’s not in my view?

Can you know the very core of my being

To claim that you know and see what I’m seeing?

If not, then kindly retreat to your station

As I move to make a bold proclamation.

You don’t fully know me despite these 17 years

17 months perhaps? No, 17 days, I fear

is an accurate portrayal of your knowledge of me,

17 minutes for me to utter an apology.

17 seconds is all it took

For you to say “leave,” leaving me shook.

Life is a harder path, trod on by many,

so why does it seem my load is so heavy?

Again with the seems, I own no such needle

to divine what great issue does at my mind wheedle.

To plant a thought of helplessness could be an inception,

To grant me your perception would be brutal deception.


4 thoughts on “Perception.

  1. I really enjoyed your poem. It reminded me of this quote from the show revenge, thought you might like it. “Truth is a battle of perceptions. People only see what they are willing to confront. It’s not what you look at that matters, but what you see. And when different perceptions battle against one another, the truth has a way of getting lost.” …


    1. haha, this very same train of thought occurred in a discussion in my english class at school! truth is a very subjective thing for us, but there is only one Being who knows the absolute truth: God. thanks for reading!


  2. A clever rhythm for such a grand subject… though it can “seem” to run very long, you have couplets here and there that I can see becoming very favorable and popular for it’s inherent observations and breakdown of a difficult subject.


    1. thanks, but may the praise go to God who has given me the gift and joy of writing poetry. though the thoughts be mine, it is He who inspires me in the quick of the verse.


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