Only God can Judge Me.

Today was, all in all, a rather strange day.  A typical senioritis-stricken student, I found myself losing focus more than normal; in each class, I’d slip quietly between the realm of the lecture at hand and some kind of oblivion within my consciousness.  And yet, these voyages were not without purpose.  During these periods of mental inactivity, a raging debate coursed through the spectrum of my mind, a paradox in itself.  Why was it that I kept on judging others based on their thoughts and vocalizations?  Was I superior to any of them?  I even found myself reproaching the Christian students even more than the non-believing students.  Yet, at the same time that I was meticulously examining my fellow students, wave after wave of self-loathing cascaded into an endless waterfall of shame.  We are all great sinners; to say otherwise would just be foolishness and an attempt at bolstering our prideful selves.  As I was thinking these thoughts, the song “Only God can Judge Me” by Tupac popped into my head and it was true: only God can judge us.  May we have lived lives worthy of His praise and glorifying Him, for if we haven’t, then we remain stuck in the limbo of effected faith and we are not letting Christ within take the reins of our lives.  At lunch, I was totally lost in the null zone and felt another thing as I absorbed the talk around me: emptiness.  For once, I understand what salty conversation was by an exposure to what terribly unseasoned conversation.  Yet again, that feeling that I was consciously placing myself in an exalted position crept up.  I sighed and looked skyward.  Nothing to do now, but let God judge us all.  Because after all, only God can judge us, only God can judge us now.


2 thoughts on “Only God can Judge Me.

    1. that’s true, but what good is that judgment if we are incapable of being unbiased towards ourselves? the only constant judge who is not influenced by the pretense and eloquence of man is God alone.


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