Preserve the Body.

Preserve man’s body if you a mortal life desire
But see at once before you a dark and gloomy mire.
The life of man is but a breath in the Maker’s eyes
And the thought of man utterly corrupt with his lowly lies.
The life of man is not to be admired nor adored
But the precious testimony that from it comes to glorify the Lord.
Yea, though while man’s time is but a thread
And God the sewing, mighty Head
Man’s testimony brings life to others, cleansed with His blood running brightly red.
Dear brother, though I knew you but little and your visage ne’er physically beheld
Your dying breath brought forth new life and your own has been un-celled.
Your life lays not in earthly fetters nor in the shackles of man
But you have now joined the Creator and partook in His wondrous plan.
With joyful tears and light sorrows, adieu we bid you until we next meet
In heaven with the hosts of angels an our beloved Lord to greet.

Brother Samuel, I know the tragedy your family has gone through is much to bear, and I too have borne it once before, but praise be to God who has taken your grandfather. Thoughts and prayer with you this afternoon.

– Brother Ben


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