Great is the Distance.

Great is the distance from the earth to the sky;

great is the measure of stars to my eye.

Great is the joy when good fellowship abounds;

great is the pain when worry at my soul hounds.

Great is the love that God has for man;

great is the wisdom within every plan.

Great is the care He holds for His own;

great is my shame when I cease to pray, but moan.

How great are all things, when all things

in Him are seen?

Leaving little knowledge of distractions

that may come between.

His death was great; His resurrection greater yet,

and though we sit sometimes and constantly fret,

the pinnacle of regret is when our spirits are met

by the God of all ages, who saves from each threat.

His faithfulness is great, His love is untold

Greater majesty my eyes cannot behold.

He prompts me, with words of praise, write

to display his ineffable glory and might.

Who can search His depths when they exceed the sea?

Who can love more than He does for you and me?

The answer is none, and He is the One

Whom we must turn to and joyfully run.

The rhyme is erratic, yet He constant remains

by our side with gentle words and gentler refrains.

How dark is my heart; He gave me His own.

Where darkness resided, light promptly shone.

Despite all my fears which restrain and lusts that corrupt,

pride that brings death and anger erupt,

He shelters me with His feathers, I take refuge beneath wings

and my soul rises up to Heaven and sings.

Simple songs of praise,

a simple reminding phrase

is all I need to light a fire ablaze.

As I gather my hands to touch the kindled flame,

A touch of sorrow mingled with regret and some shame.

God takes note of me, despite my futility

My pride has crumbled into humility.

How great is the distance from God to man,

yet how close He doth brings us with His loving hand.


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