How Precious.

How precious are the words of the Beloved

in the ears that hunger with silent love.

How dear are the actions of the Master

to the servant who turns his eyes above.

The beauty and majesty of the Creator

are spoken in a language not known to man.

The wisdom and truth in the eyes of the Maker

are hidden within the fold of His plan.

The trials and tribulations that we all endure

are simply blessings hidden within a shell.

Time prods at this covering, longing for it to break

and for us to discover that all is truly well.

Yet who holds the reins of Time

but the One who existed from the start?

The very same whose motions move men

to create simple pieces of written art.

The heart of such a One must be

pure, holy, without fault.

His mind is indiscernible, remaining

locked like a vault.

Yet why should He make me

a recipient of His eternal will?

So that my heart can be at rest

and my mind and body be still.

A beautiful relationship, which

blossoms like a flower.

As a hungry honeybee,

I come to, for nectar, devour.

Eating His Words each day

as I muse upon His works.

But sadly in this world,

a great deceiver, he lurks.

A demon of strangest guise

who comes in grandeur, in beauty walks.

With outward gentility

it is for me that he stalks.

Yet I cling to my Master,

He will not let me fall.

And in everlasting splendor,

He, my mind, does enthrall.

A superior being who has

won at each turn.

The dastardly foe does for

some victory yearn.

So he starts with me

whispering lies in my soul.

Throwing doubt upon doubt

as my troubles start to roll.

I cry sometimes, though

mostly in fear I do shake.

But my Lord does protect me

through each earthquake.

My vision is blurred, but

one thing is clear:

my Lord stands ahead, protecting

with His heart, He holds me dear.

And though my words are fast dwindling

my wisdom falters, my breath leaves shore

Soft words I say with gratitude

How precious, how precious; Lord, it is You I adore.


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