2 Sisters, 2 Brothers. 2012.

So. 2012. You’re finally here. We’ve been waiting for you.  Can’t wait to see what new things you bring.

2011. You were rough to me, but towards the end, you became simply fantastic; I’m gonna miss you.

Now, enough talking to years like they are old friends. It’s time to talk about true friends who have not only proven themselves in 2011, but I trust will be closer to me as time passes on.

Sister, you have been an incredible part of my life.  It’s hard to believe that things were so bad between us, but I feel like now they were better than before!  You are a living inspiration for me because you became the answer to a big prayer I had been praying at the time.  I was really depressed at the time; I don’t think you could ever know how low I was feeling.  But when you came back, it was so sweet and precious, especially what you said after my reconciliation text.  You didn’t say you forgave me of yourself, but that you forgave me in God, and I marvel each and every day that I could be your spiritual brother.  I know I’ve already said a lot of really nice things about you, but there just isn’t enough for me to describe how much you mean to me.  Thanks for willingly becoming my Bible buddy for 2012 😛 hope we can grow more together in His Word!  You’ve come such a long way from when we first talked in winter break of 2010 (I believe?) and it has just been an amazing journey with you!

姐姐, you appeared out of nowhere towards the latter part of 2011, it seems! 🙂 You are a light in my life with your sheer radiance and love for anything and everything!  You’ve taught me so much about love and its numerous applications and I am just so thankful that God brought me to you.  I have never regretted a day since we became friends; you came to a church meeting at my church, putting aside your fears of being awkward, and even to my birthday!  I feel like you give up so much for me, but you rarely let me give anything up for you!  I just want you to know to never hesitate to ask if you need something; I wanna be  a good 弟弟! 🙂 Thanks for illuminating my life with your reassuring smile and your wise advice, you are a great 姐姐!

Broski, you’ve been incredible to me since 9th grade man.  Who knew Spanish I H could bring me a brother like you?  It’s truly remarkable what God has done for me by bringing me you as a friend, and I just want you to know that you are one of my closest friends, someone I trust with anything.  Thanks for putting up with my lame jokes and for my childishness at times, and for helping me with generosity.  I promise we will stay close in college.  I’m looking forward to ending 2012 with you man, and I know you are gonna go to big places and do big things.  Thanks for being a true homie through and through, there are few people I trust more than you.

If I wrote your nickname, it would give you away, but man, you’ve been a real inspiration to me.  Despite numerous failures in the young people’s meeting to follow the daily reading schedule, you pulled through man.  Your quietness belies your faithfulness to God, and you serve as a model to me for being determined and consistent in the Word.  Hopefully, I can use the Chronological Bible well this year!  Thanks for being there with me through everything, and for helping me set the world record number of inside jokes.  Without you man, I don’t know if I could have gotten through school as happily.  Stay cool man, and don’t forget me when you cure cancer.

There’s no need for any fancy vocabulary here; the family relationship is free of pretense.  These four people have so impacted my life as to completely change my view of life and even teaching me things that I would never have learned anywhere else.  You are all beautiful people, and I praise God continually for placing you in my life.  Perhaps you don’t know how much of a blessing to me you all are, but I hope I can show it in my own little way.  I’m a loud guy, yeah, but when it comes to this kind of thing, I find myself at a loss for words.  If you remember anything at all from this, remember this: I love you all, thanks for being there for me, and let’s have a great 2012.

– Fearless


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