Love Like a Flower.

They say this pen streams smearlessly

and i think, i rhyme pretty fearlessly.

My flow is sicker than the average flu

An epidemic below the heavens, exilin’ Blu.

What’s true and what’s false is now all a blur

with young people yellin out PLUR

My soul does deter, willing to linger

as i feel the soul’s flow enchant my index finger.

i sing her, not my finger did she enchant

but within me, a seed she did plant.

i thought i was crazy but maybe

she was another young lady

just tryin to play me.

i took it all willingly, it nourished me

her smile, her laugh, it all flourished me.

she was the sun of my galaxy, lighting the way

feelin’ like i’m naturally burning the hay

but the only fire was my desire for her,

cus my love never tires of her

as a seed, i germinated and waited

for her to feed me, leaving my fiend abated

but i debated

was it possible, could it ever be?

time was a looking-glass, and now i see

false hopes, false dreams, i read things wrong;

she was just a swallow, singing her song

and i was a sunflower, basking in her shade

without her, i felt murky as the Everglade

my heart’s provider, i fed off her life

free of all envy, bitterness, strife

’til a knife, called cold-cut reality

hacked at my stem with merciless brutality

a sunflower’s happy dream become nightmare

as i woke up, i saw her standing there

alone.  alone? were my eyes a deception

making exception for a desperate inception?

her perfection was stunning, leaving me in throes

of ecstasy as my tender love grows next to me.

this flower knows love’s sweet taste, its sweet honey

a golden liquid quite viscous not really runny.

they say knowledge is power, but love should be more

because it at my stem, leaves, and head tore.

the time has come for the fasting of an hour

and regress into the love-filled dreams of a flower.


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