It has definitely been a stretch of time since I last posted on WordPress, and I suppose (although I probably should be doing other things), it’s good to be back. Writing is definitely one of the more uncommon therapeutic methods presented to us at the psychiatry, but it can be the most therapeutic exercise there is.  This post isn’t going to have very much content, but it will be – I hope – an interesting rant.

Now, having changed my schedule the second day of school, I now have two English classes!!!  While most students would, perhaps, groan at the prospect, I actually rather enjoy it.  I am presented with two different ways of viewing the English language; in standard English IV Honors, we use the more analytic mindset to go about viewing English, and in Creative and Rhetorical Writing, I am able to fulfill my deepest desire: to continually improve in writing.  Despite the fact that Mr. Dalley is a good teacher in my opinion, the Creative and Rhetorical Writing class is just so perfect for the budding writer.  It definitely puts more of an emphasis on the aesthetic appeal and nature of writing, and it allows us students to be able to mature in that aspect.

However, the one scar that mars this whole situation – yes, mars, as in to disfigure, not the planet – is the fact that I have P.E. 7th period.  Why…like honestly…just..why.  Today, I realized how depressed I become in P.E. when none of my friends are there.  Playing basketball is useless because without my friends there, I lose the will to even try and just drift around on the basketball court.  I don’t talk to anyone because for a while I was the only senior in 7th period P.E., and when I go home, I don’t feel like doing anything except reflect on what an enormous waste of time P.E. is and how much I hate it and what I would do to get out of it and scheming to see if psychological problems with P.E. would allow me to be excused, etc. etc. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore because I feel depression’s tendrils creeping up on me, so I’m just going to end it here.  My rant, not my life. 🙂

– W.L.


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