Society: The Monster

How does one define a monster?  Certainly, each person has his or her own various fears, but a monster must be so categorized due to unanimous belief.  Personally, my own definition of a monster is something that quells all hope of hope, extinguishes the very thought of life.  A monster such as this can only be, ironically, the system that we each have claim to: society.

Society is not the brute of a monster that other monsters can be; society is too…refined for that.  No, instead, society is the stalker in the night, the one that schemes to pit friends against one another, until even the princi”pal” becomes the princi”foe.”  Society demands all the energy of our beings to resist, and then some.  The allure of society is as subtle as the allure of the nectar in the pit of a Venus flytrap; fly in too deep, and you make another tasty meal.

Enough with the metaphors and similes and comparisons.  The real reason why I abhor society so much is that it truly has perverted the youth of America.  It corrupts us all to hold firmly to the belief that technology is the way to go, that science should be the primary voice of our reason, that success can only be measured by how much wealth one amasses in his or her lifetime.  Society is the reason why the “feel-good” story of “rags to riches” is no longer extant; it has been slain by society’s cruel blade.  Society is what causes us to lose faith in man’s innate perseverance; rather, we now judge man according to his statistical probabilities of success.  The exception has become extinct, with no exceptions.  The magic has left the air, and tonight, no love is felt either.

However, despite these brazen slurs of society, I would like to – very abruptly, I realize – close with one final statement.  I may have been corrupted by society; I too have lost faith in magic.  But, though magic no longer captivates my all, only one other thing remains; I haven’t lost faith in my Lord.

– Whit Loard (W.L.)


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