Fear of Inspiration…or Lack Thereof.

As a writer of moderate caliber (don’t want to sound too proud), I have my own personal times of great mental obstruction.  Shaun has witnessed the more desperate of these times which I have termed “writer’s wall.”  Although people generally say “writer’s block,” the word “block” in its quintessence does the anguish of the inability to write no justice.  Speaking personally, this isn’t merely some trivial block; this is a torturous and tortuous path to recovery.  To call it a recovery is also impossible; like tennis elbow, recovery is never exactly complete.  Shaun, in fact, has witnessed a particularly debilitating case of writer’s wall while in my house, seeing me physically move my hands up and down as if climbing.  Though these bouts of writing droughts are rare nowadays, they are nevertheless intensely frustrating and ridiculously inefficient.

However, there is, another domineering presence in my writing experience that has caused me much worry and anxiety; it is when I become obsessed with something or someone.  Whenever I get a thought or a person planted in my head, for some reason, all my pieces about that object or person are quite well-written, while a work on another writing of a different topic just seems to be devoid of all energy.  Although this seems like it isn’t too big of a difficulty, seeing as I am still able to write with some sophistication, but it is, in fact, a rather big issue.  When I become fixated upon that thing, I only want to write effusively and loquaciously about that topic; all else matters not.  I lose the will and the willpower to focus my talents elsewhere.

And now, I arrive at my greatest fear as a writer: the fear of the lack of inspiration.  As fellow writers, we can all concede that our craft is not whisked out of space and in no time; it is nearly an art form to forge the wonderful essays that we write.  However, few of us can say that we can truly write without some sort of inspiration.  The inspiration is the crux of our work; we feel inspired by something, and feel the driving urge to elaborate upon it.  However, when that inspiration is lacking, very little is snagged onto our hopeful branches, and we hit the aforementioned “writer’s wall.”

I merely wrote this to amuse myself due to the irony of the situation.  I have absolutely nothing to write about, and it’s that void which has brought me to write this piece.  Though this wasn’t exactly an infinite jest, it is, I suppose, appetizer for thought.  It isn’t exactly nourishing, but it tantalizes our writing senses, provoking our own experiences with writer’s wall.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my own personal relation of my occasional writing struggles, and attached is a song that keeps me going, even when the going gets tough.  Hope you have enjoyed this short blurb on the inability to write, and I hope you like the song!

Blessed (Avicii Edit) by Tom Hangs ft. Shermanology

– Fearless


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