A “Thug” Life.

When we listen to rap music from the old school days,

We hear about the shootings and the cigs they blaze.

But what we don’t see is the life behind this life of “glory,”

When thugs get to shooting slugs and getting gory.

What caused this tragedy, this animosity?

All I know is that I gotta get into university.

My own personal grind is nothing like Pac’s or B.I.G’s,

my own story is based on getting A’s and avoiding B’s.

Termed by many in school as the college game,

I wonder if I keep playing, will I get fame?

Pac and Biggie were thugs til they died,

But how can I be a thug when I don’t ride?

Old school rappers knew the drive-by shootings, the death of a homie,

But all I know is that I gotta lock down in school, and make sure no one’s before me.

The thugs know the streets, and so do I

I know 183rd, just over by Cerritos High.

Though thugs fire bullets into one another,

In school, some backstab the guy they call brother.

It’s a dirty business, but students gotta hustle in their own way.

A homie doesn’t matter at the end of the day;

You use ’em, you lose ’em, that’s what goes on sometimes.

Sometimes you sit down, and you only think about the crimes

The bad times, the bad rhymes,

and think about how the times are not sublime.

They are subhuman, cold and cold-hearted,

I got hurt the other day, and it really smarted.

But we aren’t dumb, we’re just vicious,

They might have your card, but tell you to go fishes.

Out of luck, you draw from the deck of life,

As the people around you backstab with an academic knife.

But the streets of academia aren’t just negative,

Like a Duracell, for each negative there’s a positive.

Tupac and Biggie had some fake brothers, but still had true homies,

The ones that were real, the ones that really know me.

For my brothers out there, I’d do anything for you

I sleep at 8, but to help you I’ll stay up until 2.

True homies stick together, through thick or thin,

Just like Snoop and Dre, sharin’ a sip of gin.

We’ll stick it out, the hard times will go by,

But when we bury a traitor, nobody cry.

They stayed for the good times, left when it came hard

Who knew someone so “close” could be so far?

So I sit near my laptop, meditating, simply waiting,

thinking about who my true homies are, there’s no debating.

Homies for life isn’t just a street slogan,

It’s a way of life, Hulkamania, Hulk Hogan

So while Tupac and Biggie each died young

I think about all my friends who’ve listened to me,

felt for me,

stayed with me all through the fun.

It’s been a long run, but life is longer still,

Homies, I hope y’all don’t forget to stay mad real.

– Fearless


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