Letter to a Precious Knife.

They say that one man’s treasure is another man’s trash,

But you’re the exception to the rule so brash,

How could it not have known about you, a treasure to all,

Whether you be going to school or shopping at the mall.

Though you’re a treasure, you’re also a thief in the dark,

Stealing man’s heart, and leaving behind your signature mark.

A starstruck face, with unseeing eyes,

Left with no appetite, left to his own demise.

He wallows in despair until he sees you again

He wants to talk to you, maybe become your friend.

Somewhere deep inside, he wants it to be something more

Because it’s you he’s been looking for, it is you he adores.

Like a beautiful knife, you rent his fetters in twain,

Freeing his soul, yet driving him insane.

Your beauty is lethal and quite unique,

Cutting through anything in the way of what you seek.

He cannot help but bow to your will,

Doing what you say, and following you still,

Unto the ends of the Earth, he longs to serve,

His loyalty legendary, his faith does not swerve.

An insatiable appetite for you he develops,

But it is not with love that he is enveloped.

He sits aloof, hiding true feelings,

Scared of what you might think,

Scared of his own dark dealings,

He just wants to blink.

Nay, blink he cannot, you hold his gaze eternally,

yet you only appear ephemerally,

Once a week, maybe more, maybe less,

He longs for the days when he can caress

This precious knife, without fear of pain

He desperately seeks to unleash what torments his brain.

The way you compel him is nearly unfair

But unfair you are not, with your flowing hair.

A component not usually found in knives,

But you are a dagger with a sting like beehives.

One look from you burns the tip of his ears,

He waits patiently, until it is he, to you, who endears.


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