Eloquent Chaos.

Meditation of life in the library is rarely found,

The body remains in the seat while the soul travels around,

Searching for spirits that are in sync with its own,

Where communion of two sentient beings abounds.

Life in its mysteries, a thing full of wonder

Freedom of spirit, fetters rent asunder,

No claims upon the soul for me to dwell upon,

Traversing the terrain, not fearing any blunder.

Nature provokes thoughts never fleeting from mind,

Thought that inspire many to relax and unwind,

Pure thoughts that are given by inspiration of Heaven,

Thoughts that let us see and not remain blind.

Profundity is a quality to be lusted for,

Depth of mind, heart, spirit, and core,

Something of desperate need in modern society,

Once found, lost it remains nevermore.

– TheFearlessFlow


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