A Beautiful Soul.

*Note: It is rare that I take posts I write on Tumblr and bring them here to my respected guests on my WordPress, but on the occasion that I do not write garbage on Tumblr, I will, indeed, share the piece here.  Thanks for the read!

I have come to the juncture in my life where I begin to meditate upon much more profound things that we might encounter over the course of our humble existence on Earth.

Love, for instance, is one of these mysteries.  Over all other emotions that are amassed in man’s life, I believe that love reigns higher than the rest, yet it is not borne of its own volition.  Veracity mingled with tenderness of heart can only hope to engender such a pure emotion within the depths of man’s inherent iniquity.  Emotions are easily formed, ranging from anger to sadness, from grief to ecstasy, from desperation to relief.  Yet, the one emotion that I would meditate upon is: love.  Only love is capable of conquering hate; just as one would use fire to heat cold steel and mold it into something beautiful, something exquisite, so too does love melt the hearts of stone in this world.  Unless love is returned, however, the full magnitude of love fails to brand the human soul with its heat.

Perhaps things will never be, but, for the moment, I am blissfully unaware of the logistics of love.  Realizing it only now, does true love, an emotion more divine than all other human emotions, require such trivial strictures on which it can be formed? I have doubted the validity of human perception many times before, and I cling to that skepticism now.  Surely love is heated and formed from the fires of passion, forged by purity and truth; it is not made from any of man’s various devices.  Can it be that we would so carelessly lose sight of the one emotion capable of rendering us all happy men?  It seems, however, that man would, indeed, dare to lose sight of love; there are, after all, much more pressing matters to attend to.  Lies upon lies!  Losing sight of love is the darkest crime that man is capable of, because only love is capable of forgiving that very crime!  And yet, proud men, in their “days of glory,” have pushed love aside for a new companion: science.

Knowing the way that the world can continue to exist surely is more important than knowing the mechanics behind the way humans can continue to co-exist.  Indubitably, our intrigue with science has, like a vine silently strangling a tree, drained us of our love and replaced it with a loveless, lifeless work that tests men to no end.  Many say that science is a beauty of its own, to be appreciated and admired; nevertheless, I would dare to reject society’s standards in search of original beauty: the loveliness of a beautiful soul.



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