So today, I’m with my friend Paul and we decide to head on over to the McDonald’s in Cerritos Towne Center.  When we finally get there, we order and then we sit down to wait for our orders, getting them eventually, and we commence eating.  Now, two tables to our immediate right, a family of Hispanic descent is waiting for their orders as well. While they are waiting, they do what many sensible Americans do; they go and fill up their drink.  Unbeknownst to them, the syrup in the Coke machine ran out, and no Coke was left to slake their thirst.  Before I continue on, another child of Hispanic descent also brought up the issue to the attention of the manager who sent one of the cashiers to add more.  Now, this child from the family brings the issue to the attention of the manager again; what happens afterward was a bit sickening for me.

“Ummm excuse me sir?  There’s no more syrup for the Coke,” says the young boy.

“Yeah, I already sent someone to fix it.  Didn’t you just tell me that? Or was it your brother?” said the manager.

“Oh…he’s not my brother…” murmurs the young boy.

“Oh, well you all look the same to me,” says the manager.

In my eyes, this whole exchange is just atrocious  As an adult, I expected the manager to have some decency to a child who was just thirsting for cola; instead, I found someone who openly displayed his own personal racial sentiments without thinking twice.  He does not have the courage to say this to another adult, and so, he takes advantage of the child’s youth in this utterly disgusting judgment.  The child asked as politely as possible, and he was thrown an enormity; one so large that many have died in order to see it avoided.  On top of it all, not a morsel of remorse was shown in the aftermath of the comment, thus further displaying the true intentions of the McDonald’s manager.  It might seem like an exaggeration, but in keeping to the fundamental notions on which this nation stands, I believe that he seriously needs to be approached about this, and if this continues on, he does not deserve to retain the position as manager.  The other people working at McDonald’s were Hispanic as well; there’s no way to describe how much anger is welling up within.  What a twisted world we live in, where the strong attack the weak and walk away boastful.


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