Society & Friends

*Note: This was a very, VERY, quick poem that I jotted down while at Cerritos Towne Center, so there is definitely very little real content to it.  I just wrote whatever came to my mind.  I sampled the use of ABBA rhyme scheme, but I find that it sits ill with my tastes, so this may very well be the last of my ABBA poems, but I hope that you enjoy it!

Society & Friends

Swerving into the left lane,

not seeing the car behind me.

Honks are heard, drivers are angry.

Some call me foolish, some say insane.

It’s funny when this brief mistake

causes others to notice me.

My mistakes and my fallacy,

Influencing decisions that I make.

Some call it evil, some call it good.

Society is an object, not to be labeled;

A mere place where acceptance is enabled,

not something like your local neighborhood.

A neighborhood, though part of society,

is where acquaintances are made,

where friendships have been laid

in stone foundations so silently.

Friendships set in stone have melted hearts,

Hands have been shaked,

Cookies have been baked,

and shared between an appreciation of fine arts.

The world is a funny place.

Friends become brothers,

quickly forgetting the others,

Living at their own pace.

True friends withstand the test of time,

Keeping in contact as often as can be

Waiting for texts or calls patiently

Indescribable by ABBA rhyme.

Society itself is a monstrosity,

But friendship lives on within

Strengthened by silk that spins

Dependent on people and their own velocity.

Society condones the death of individuals,

but friends stay strong through hardest of times,

Believing their friends and forgiving all crimes.

No need for audio nor for visuals.

Society and Friendship, Jekyll and Hyde.

One is a monster, the other is praised.

But combined they allow a path to be blazed;

may the peace between them continually abide.

Yet cruel thing that society can be,

Crushes the breath out of good Friendship,

eliminating all former thoughts of kinship,

killing joy, crucifying liberty.


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