Fresh Blog

Well, it seems that technology certainly has a way of coming together, doesn’t it?  I had THOUGHT that perhaps Tumblr was going to be my main source of blogging, but after registering and making one, I quickly realized that it was merely a place for people to post trending topics and such.  Long, emotional, or profound posts were generally disregarded.  So, after reading an inspiring post by my good friend, I quickly decided that, perhaps, WordPress was the place to blog.

I had originally intended to copy some of my favorite Tumblr blog posts onto this site and share them, but I quickly decided against it.  Note the title; fresh blog.  A fresh blog means that I start anew, a new writer with new thoughts and a new voice.  The casual ambiance of Tumblr suggests that my blog is not, perhaps, the most thought-provoking of posts, but I generally wanted it to be so; therefore, a conflict in interest was soon established.  To give all my readers – and I do appreciate your support – an idea of what is soon to come on this blog, I am merely going to type up posts that I write in my free time by hand and upload them so that you all can see what goes on in my mind throughout the day.  There will be some poetry (thanks to my interest in old school rap music), and there will also be the occasional rant or essay that I decide to write, much of which comprises of writings that somehow, always, revolve around Christ!  What an amazing God!

Well, that pretty much concludes my first “official” WordPress post!  I will hope to update at least once a day, so keep reading for more!



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