Eloquent Chaos.

Meditation of life in the library is rarely found,

The body remains in the seat while the soul travels around,

Searching for spirits that are in sync with its own,

Where communion of two sentient beings abounds.

Life in its mysteries, a thing full of wonder

Freedom of spirit, fetters rent asunder,

No claims upon the soul for me to dwell upon,

Traversing the terrain, not fearing any blunder.

Nature provokes thoughts never fleeting from mind,

Thought that inspire many to relax and unwind,

Pure thoughts that are given by inspiration of Heaven,

Thoughts that let us see and not remain blind.

Profundity is a quality to be lusted for,

Depth of mind, heart, spirit, and core,

Something of desperate need in modern society,

Once found, lost it remains nevermore.

– TheFearlessFlow


A Beautiful Soul.

*Note: It is rare that I take posts I write on Tumblr and bring them here to my respected guests on my WordPress, but on the occasion that I do not write garbage on Tumblr, I will, indeed, share the piece here.  Thanks for the read!

I have come to the juncture in my life where I begin to meditate upon much more profound things that we might encounter over the course of our humble existence on Earth.

Love, for instance, is one of these mysteries.  Over all other emotions that are amassed in man’s life, I believe that love reigns higher than the rest, yet it is not borne of its own volition.  Veracity mingled with tenderness of heart can only hope to engender such a pure emotion within the depths of man’s inherent iniquity.  Emotions are easily formed, ranging from anger to sadness, from grief to ecstasy, from desperation to relief.  Yet, the one emotion that I would meditate upon is: love.  Only love is capable of conquering hate; just as one would use fire to heat cold steel and mold it into something beautiful, something exquisite, so too does love melt the hearts of stone in this world.  Unless love is returned, however, the full magnitude of love fails to brand the human soul with its heat.

Perhaps things will never be, but, for the moment, I am blissfully unaware of the logistics of love.  Realizing it only now, does true love, an emotion more divine than all other human emotions, require such trivial strictures on which it can be formed? I have doubted the validity of human perception many times before, and I cling to that skepticism now.  Surely love is heated and formed from the fires of passion, forged by purity and truth; it is not made from any of man’s various devices.  Can it be that we would so carelessly lose sight of the one emotion capable of rendering us all happy men?  It seems, however, that man would, indeed, dare to lose sight of love; there are, after all, much more pressing matters to attend to.  Lies upon lies!  Losing sight of love is the darkest crime that man is capable of, because only love is capable of forgiving that very crime!  And yet, proud men, in their “days of glory,” have pushed love aside for a new companion: science.

Knowing the way that the world can continue to exist surely is more important than knowing the mechanics behind the way humans can continue to co-exist.  Indubitably, our intrigue with science has, like a vine silently strangling a tree, drained us of our love and replaced it with a loveless, lifeless work that tests men to no end.  Many say that science is a beauty of its own, to be appreciated and admired; nevertheless, I would dare to reject society’s standards in search of original beauty: the loveliness of a beautiful soul.



So today, I’m with my friend Paul and we decide to head on over to the McDonald’s in Cerritos Towne Center.  When we finally get there, we order and then we sit down to wait for our orders, getting them eventually, and we commence eating.  Now, two tables to our immediate right, a family of Hispanic descent is waiting for their orders as well. While they are waiting, they do what many sensible Americans do; they go and fill up their drink.  Unbeknownst to them, the syrup in the Coke machine ran out, and no Coke was left to slake their thirst.  Before I continue on, another child of Hispanic descent also brought up the issue to the attention of the manager who sent one of the cashiers to add more.  Now, this child from the family brings the issue to the attention of the manager again; what happens afterward was a bit sickening for me.

“Ummm excuse me sir?  There’s no more syrup for the Coke,” says the young boy.

“Yeah, I already sent someone to fix it.  Didn’t you just tell me that? Or was it your brother?” said the manager.

“Oh…he’s not my brother…” murmurs the young boy.

“Oh, well you all look the same to me,” says the manager.

In my eyes, this whole exchange is just atrocious  As an adult, I expected the manager to have some decency to a child who was just thirsting for cola; instead, I found someone who openly displayed his own personal racial sentiments without thinking twice.  He does not have the courage to say this to another adult, and so, he takes advantage of the child’s youth in this utterly disgusting judgment.  The child asked as politely as possible, and he was thrown an enormity; one so large that many have died in order to see it avoided.  On top of it all, not a morsel of remorse was shown in the aftermath of the comment, thus further displaying the true intentions of the McDonald’s manager.  It might seem like an exaggeration, but in keeping to the fundamental notions on which this nation stands, I believe that he seriously needs to be approached about this, and if this continues on, he does not deserve to retain the position as manager.  The other people working at McDonald’s were Hispanic as well; there’s no way to describe how much anger is welling up within.  What a twisted world we live in, where the strong attack the weak and walk away boastful.


During the hot summer days, many seek some sort of escape from the blistering heat.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technological developments, there are many methods to “beat the heat.”  We have air conditioning, electric fans, and, for those with extra cash to spend, refrigerators.  Despite all of these seemingly variant forms of keeping cool, I believe there is one underlying source to the three aforementioned comfort objects: wind.  I’d actually like to write about wind today, and examine its nature.

To address the initial confusion, I will now begin my scrutiny of how wind is the fundamental source of staying cool.  The first one: air conditioning.  I do believe that this one is quite self-explanatory, as is the second invention.  In order for air-conditioning to work, it is cardinal for there to be a wind of some sort to be able to propel the cool air into our eagerly awaiting faces.  The electric fan typically relies upon the same principles, lowering temperatures by virtue of wind partnered with electricity.  The final avatar of wind comes in the form of the extolled refrigerator.  Though the primary response to the word is a box of some sort to increase the longevity of food, refrigerators do, in fact, manifest the nature of wind.  On first thought, a refrigerator is just a safe haven for those trying to escape the inferno.  However, the only thing that propels that cool refreshing air into the faces of the plebeians is: wind.

Despite all these benefits, wind can bear many vices as well.  To balance the playing field, there are three specific instances of wind that I wish to discuss: tornadoes, hurricanes, and hot wind.  I shall start with tornadoes.  To say that tornadoes can cause a great degree of devastation is quite the understatement.  Tornadoes are, perhaps, among the most feared of natural disasters in the U.S., comparable to earthquakes in the East Coast.  They are unforgiving and relentless, uprooting houses and ravaging trees; anything that is left in the wake of a raging tornado almost certainly lacks the life it had known previously.  The next great disaster that wind fuels is the hurricane.  Causing the vast destruction of New Orleans, hurricanes enervate the will of humans, and they generate grief and despair unknown to the common man.  Finally, we have one that may not seem so incredibly destructive: hot wind.  However, the impact of hot wind is not so much physical as psychological.  Going back to the description of a searing summer day, natural wind is usually very welcome, alleviating some of the psychological stress that is caused by the inordinate amount of heat.  However, hot wind has the special characteristic of being an immensely deteriorating presence to the already suffering.  Hot wind comes and though one may feel it blowing, it is of very little comfort to the beneficiary; instead, it depresses the subject even more with its gentle but excruciatingly warm aura.

Now, why talk about wind?  Well, from what I have experienced, wind is a parallel to God and the things that may occur in the duration of our relationship with God.

Allow me to speak on the detrimental parts first in order to explicate my point of view.  First, we have the tornadoes, which in my eyes symbolize the fear that we may be subject to during our relationship with God.  It is quite possible for our faith to be weak at times, and it is during these times that we suffer from the “tornadoes.”   The next correlation between wind and our Christian experience is the hurricane.  The hurricane is what I believe to be the ultimate test of God, the one that completely shakes our whole foundation down to the core; in some instances, it may even uproot our faith in Him and cause us to crumble.  However, it is all part of God’s plan;  in the aftermath of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, relief was sent to help rebuild the situation in New Orleans.  The same can be said of our Christian hurricanes; after we have endured through the great tribulation, it leaves a time for us to meditate upon our relation to Christ and what our next step should be, and many times, this period of time following a “hurricane” can be the time we need to be able to strengthen our faith in Him, rebuilding the relationship to be stronger than it previously was.  Finally, the hot wind.  These are the times in our lives when we feel wave after wave of failure, when the relief we seek turns into a life-draining force that causes us to feel immense despair.  Though not quite as physically dangerous as the hurricane, the hot wind is the most dangerous time in our Christian lives; it is when we begin to have doubts as to whether or not something perceived to be good is actually what it appears to be.  In these trying times, the only counsel that I can give personally is to pray unceasingly.  Prayer is the strongest weapon that Christians are armed with, and it serves a dual purpose to defend us from losing communication with God.  After the “hot wind” passes, we will find ourselves in a shelter, once again safe in the arms of God.

Now, I will present the positive parallels between wind and God, working with the metaphors of air-conditioning, electric fans, and refrigerators.  To start, I will expound upon the metaphor of air-conditioning.  Air-conditioning in our Christian lives is when we have God talk to us and give us peace and quiet within.  Like the air-conditioning we have physically, it soothes our minds and puts our souls at rest.  The peace that God brings to us in times of hardship is a peace that cannot be exchanged for any other treasure in the world, and it is to be cherished with all our being.  Electric fans are the loud instances during our Christian walks, the times when we realize that though what we have done is wrong, God faithfully speaks to us words of wisdom.  These words should retain an anchor within our spirit, and we should hold onto them as long as He allows us to live; “electric fans” are just as encouraging as “air-conditioning,” but the context is a bit different.  Finally, we arrive at refrigerators.  These are the times when God shelters us from the world.  Like food that is stored in a refrigerator, we are protected from the various microbes of the enemy waiting to attack us, and fellowship within these “refrigerators” is the purest, the time when there are no distractions or attacks, just a pure time to meditate upon God’s word and have fellowship with Him.

Although I have yet to experience truly devastating hurricanes or tornadoes, we all have experience a measure of hardship during our Christian walks; however, it is because of the other three things we have been able to continue on the path.  The wind can be metaphorically used to represent the Holy Spirit, which guides us along and is at the core of the incredible things that God provides for us.  In any case, this is just a musing of my own spanning three days’ length on how wind can represent the wonders of God.

– Fearless

Society & Friends

*Note: This was a very, VERY, quick poem that I jotted down while at Cerritos Towne Center, so there is definitely very little real content to it.  I just wrote whatever came to my mind.  I sampled the use of ABBA rhyme scheme, but I find that it sits ill with my tastes, so this may very well be the last of my ABBA poems, but I hope that you enjoy it!

Society & Friends

Swerving into the left lane,

not seeing the car behind me.

Honks are heard, drivers are angry.

Some call me foolish, some say insane.

It’s funny when this brief mistake

causes others to notice me.

My mistakes and my fallacy,

Influencing decisions that I make.

Some call it evil, some call it good.

Society is an object, not to be labeled;

A mere place where acceptance is enabled,

not something like your local neighborhood.

A neighborhood, though part of society,

is where acquaintances are made,

where friendships have been laid

in stone foundations so silently.

Friendships set in stone have melted hearts,

Hands have been shaked,

Cookies have been baked,

and shared between an appreciation of fine arts.

The world is a funny place.

Friends become brothers,

quickly forgetting the others,

Living at their own pace.

True friends withstand the test of time,

Keeping in contact as often as can be

Waiting for texts or calls patiently

Indescribable by ABBA rhyme.

Society itself is a monstrosity,

But friendship lives on within

Strengthened by silk that spins

Dependent on people and their own velocity.

Society condones the death of individuals,

but friends stay strong through hardest of times,

Believing their friends and forgiving all crimes.

No need for audio nor for visuals.

Society and Friendship, Jekyll and Hyde.

One is a monster, the other is praised.

But combined they allow a path to be blazed;

may the peace between them continually abide.

Yet cruel thing that society can be,

Crushes the breath out of good Friendship,

eliminating all former thoughts of kinship,

killing joy, crucifying liberty.

Fresh Blog

Well, it seems that technology certainly has a way of coming together, doesn’t it?  I had THOUGHT that perhaps Tumblr was going to be my main source of blogging, but after registering and making one, I quickly realized that it was merely a place for people to post trending topics and such.  Long, emotional, or profound posts were generally disregarded.  So, after reading an inspiring post by my good friend towillonething.wordpress.com, I quickly decided that, perhaps, WordPress was the place to blog.

I had originally intended to copy some of my favorite Tumblr blog posts onto this site and share them, but I quickly decided against it.  Note the title; fresh blog.  A fresh blog means that I start anew, a new writer with new thoughts and a new voice.  The casual ambiance of Tumblr suggests that my blog is not, perhaps, the most thought-provoking of posts, but I generally wanted it to be so; therefore, a conflict in interest was soon established.  To give all my readers – and I do appreciate your support – an idea of what is soon to come on this blog, I am merely going to type up posts that I write in my free time by hand and upload them so that you all can see what goes on in my mind throughout the day.  There will be some poetry (thanks to my interest in old school rap music), and there will also be the occasional rant or essay that I decide to write, much of which comprises of writings that somehow, always, revolve around Christ!  What an amazing God!

Well, that pretty much concludes my first “official” WordPress post!  I will hope to update at least once a day, so keep reading for more!